As you may have heard, there has been a few changes to how Canadians who are selling on Amazon.com in the U.S. are shipping their FBA boxes. There is speculation that FBA Sellers may not be able to utilize Section 321 for sending their products across the border. While, we don’t know if or when this may happen; as your trusted partners, we’d like to help in clarifying some of these concerns. 

We will continue to ship FBA as usual, Monday through Friday!
You can drop off up to 5 days worth of shipments in advance.

US ports now require carriers to submit all shipments through the ACE Manifest; providing US Customs more visibility to packages that cross the border. In order to comply we’ve implemented the following to reduce delays, seizure, and fines.

UPDATE! Sellers can ship up to $800 USD (fair market retail value) per U.S. addressee. In other words, $800 USD worth of shipments to each receiving Amazon fulfillment center. Fair retail market value refers to the average price that particular item is sold for in the U.S.; Customs will check by Googling to get a price range for that item. Should the seller grossly under declare, their shipment may be seized, rejected, and fined.

FBA Sellers are required to have a detailed invoice attached to the exterior of each box. The invoice must include no less than the following information:

  • List of all the contents within the box (item, qty, retail value in USD).
  • Total value in USD.
  • The shipper’s business name and address.
  • The recipient’s name and address.

Time flies by quick, and the busy season doesn’t end immediately right after the holidays. January is full of refunds and returns! We’ve been bringing back return for many Canadian businesses. In order to use our highly acclaimed Returns Management Service, Cross Border Pickup members just need to register by submitting their business or import number and signed PoA. Read more about how to register your business…

Don’t get left out during the most important time of the year for FBA Sellers!

Didn’t know we shipped FBA?

We’ve been helping Canadians get their products into the US and International markets for over 2 years. Our pricing is simple and easy to understand, our rates are super competitive, and our Customer Service is top notch. Find out why we’re the best kept secret!

The process is simple. Request for shipping access. Once granted, two menu options will become available. For FBA shipments that already have postage labeled, select the Cross Border Delivery tab from the menu to begin uploading your shipment(s). You have the option to upload one shipment at a time or multiple boxes via import data option or from your portal’s home page.

Once you’ve uploaded your shipments, create an order (not exceeding $800 USD per addressee/fulfillment center) for each day that you wish your FBA boxes to be shipped out. To ensure accuracy print the manifest (option is only available immediately after an order is created) and attach to each corresponding box. Payment is required when you drop off your packages at either our Markham or Mississauga location. We’ll receive up to 5 days worth of shipment at a time.

If you haven’t checked our updated pricing you can always go to https://www.crossborderpickups.ca/rates/