Our team is always working hard to improve and provide the best experience for you, our customers. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added two new features!



Customers who ship more than one item in a package, can now list up to 3 items, list the quantity for each, and provide the value of  each item.

If you are shipping any packages out of Canada, you can now list more than 1 unique product within the same package. Select up to 3 from the drop-down option. See example below.  Simply fill out the additional items as you normally would for 1 item, and we’ll automatically calculate the total value for you!




Business Registration: Registering your business with us is now easier than ever!  Within your account (portal) you can now input your business information by updating your account information, sign and submit and you’re good to go!

Follow these steps:
Business Registration, can be found within your account, under Customer Info > Edit >

  • Will this account be used for business purchases?
  • If you select ‘Yes’, you will be required to complete and submit the following information online:
    • POA – Power of Attorney
    • Business Number or Import Number

If you don’t already have an import number, we will get one for you at no extra cost.  If you do have an import number, then you don’t need to complete the Business Number application, just provide the Import Number and the Power of Attorney.

Once approved, you will get an email from us letting you know it’s been approved and ready to go.

You may be wondering what are the advantages of having your business registered? As you may know, businesses are subject to only 5% tax instead of 13%. For sellers who have returns waiting to be brought back into Canada you can take advantage of our highly acclaimed Returns Management Service. Click here to find out more about this unique service!

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