U.S.-TO-CANADA PARCEL PICKUPS for Consumers, Small Businesses & Home Offices

Now you can shop at any online business located in the USA and CBP will bring your packages across the American border for you.  Our customers register for a free U.S. address provided by CBP, and we take care of the rest.

This is the efficient, inexpensive and hassle-free pickup service from the US to Canada that you have been waiting for.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up to receive your very own, completely free, virtual US postal address. It’s yours and yours alone for all your online purchases originating in the US.
  • You shop where and when you want, at any U.S retailer, even if they don’t ship to Canada. That doesn’t matter anymore, because you have a unique American address through CBP.  A whole new shopping and shipping world has opened up to you.
  • Use your CBP American address for your purchase. Once we receive your package at our US location, we will notify you via email that your package is ready to be brought across the border.
  • Your local CBP depot will let you know when your goods have arrived for you to pick up, or we can deliver them directly to your home or business across Canada.
  • Businesses benefit greatly from our service. Register with us to import business inventory and supplies and open a whole new world of goods and savings that will help your enterprise grow.

It really is that simple. CBP makes sense for you and your business.

  • With your free American address, you have access to all the complimentary shipping deals on purchases in the U.S. that you’ve been missing out on.
  • You can take full advantage of deals like U.S. Amazon Prime from Canada.
  • With your free American address, websites that don’t sell or ship to Canada are no longer a problem.
  • You avoid expensive international shipping fees by using CBP and you avoid administrative brokerage costs from couriers on international packages. We take care of all that for you.
  • You save the drive to the U.S. and avoid the lines at the border. We do the drive. We handle the lines. We bring your package to you.
  • Size is no object or barrier. We transport even large packages at a very affordable cost.

US Address Right Here


#2 SHOP from anywhere in
the United States


#3 SEND Packages to your
CBP Address in the USA


#4 RECEIVE Your Packages at
your local CBP in Canada or at home


Our system is designed to bring you all the benefits of purchasing U.S. goods, just as if you lived in the U.S. We bring your items across the border and remove all the hassle.


We handle all of your returns that originally came from Canada, FAST and DUTY FREE

Finally, A Service To Handle All Of Your Returns Back Into Canada

We understand that sometimes, things come back. We are there to receive them for you in the U.S. and we bring them back into Canada for you, fast and duty-free.  Think of it as business in reverse.  We help you manage the returns to keep things flowing between you and your customers.  We bring back RETURNS that originally came from Canada, and were sold in the United States.  And, for whatever reason the package is coming back to you, so it will not be subjected to duties and taxes.

  • We expedite returns management to keep your customers content.
  • We help Canadian businesses streamline their return process.
  • We provide an efficient returns process for U.S. customers.

Just register your business with us to take advantage of this service. Here’s how: link.



Affordable and Reliable Shipping for Consumers, Small Businesses and Home Offices

E-commerce changed everything, and most delivery systems are still scrambling to catch up – but CBP is already out in front with a hassle-free, efficient and cost-savings service for small businesses and consumers. We bring your packages in and ship your parcels out, worry-free. CBP saves you time and money. The way we ship should match how we shop: streamlined and consumer-centred – every time.

How Our CANADA-TO-U.S. DELIVERY Service Works

CBP’s ingenious solution to the typical hassles of shipping from Canada to the U.S. passes huge savings directly to you and cuts out the trouble.  We carry your packages across the border and mail them within the U.S., using the postage and label you have provided. It couldn’t be simpler. Or less expensive.

  • You can prepare your postage label from the comfort of your home or use our platform at one of our locations and we take care of the rest!
  • We offer savings as high as 80% off regular Canada-to-U.S shipping rates. No more shocks at Canada Post as you calculate shipping costs.
  • We offer discounted flat rates based on parcel weight.
  • Through this system, you can choose to ship with USPS, or other carriers like UPS and FedEX. You make the choice. We do the work.
  • In addition, we export your FBA shipments to Amazon U.S. cost-effectively.

Finally, there’s a way Canadian businesses can compete with cheaper U.S. shipping rates. Sometimes the competitive edge is that simple and that effective.


Cost-effective shipping rates from one corner of Canada to the other

CANADA-TO-CANADA SHIPPING – Our Rates Are Unbeatable

We live in a big country, but it shouldn’t be a big job to ship cost-effectively from one corner of Canada to another. Let us do the work for you. We have access to the best shipping rates in the country due to the sheer volume of our business, and we pass those savings directly to you, and right into your business.

  • Canadian entrepreneurs can help each other. Let us help you thrive by reducing yours shipping costs.
  • Savings are up to 40% off Canada-wide shipping
  • We ship faster, cheaper and more efficiently than anyone else in Canada.
  • Our process is always simple and always fast.

Why should Canadian businesses have to pay so much to do business in our own country? That’s the question we asked ourselves. Our solution provides you up to 40% savings off traditional shipping rates within Canada.



Storage.  Pick ‘n Pack.  Ship.  Track.


As your business grows, so do the demands on your time and staff. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our streamlined fulfillment service means we pick, pack, ship, and track your parcels from you directly to your consumer.

  • Our warehouse stores your items, saving you storage fees and allowing you more space in which to grow.
  • We ensure your customers receive their orders promptly.
  • We cross the border daily, moving goods between our American location and our two Canadian locations. No more delays!
  • We help you focus on aspects of your business that matter the most.

We offer a two-pronged, multi-faceted customer service approach – to you directly as the vendor, and to your customers directly as consumers.  We take care of you, and we take care of them so that you shine.



WORLDWIDE SHIPPING — Our Volume Discounts Mean We Can Ship Cheaper.

  • If you are shipping internationally, we offer 10-50% off international E-commerce shipping rates.
  • CBP works with hand-chosen international delivery partners.  We’ve done the research, so we know who does the best delivery job all around the world.


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It’s the little things that add up. Our supplies are the highest quality and the lowest cost.

  • Let us simultaneously take care of your packaging and shipping needs.
  • Our high-quality and affordable shipping supplies means even the wrapping will speak volumes to your customers.
  • Click here to see our affordable shipping products.