At CrossBorder Pickups, we work hard every day to ensure your shipments get to where they need to go in a timely and efficient manner. We rely on our valued customers to be transparent about the items they are shipping through us. On occasion, we come across situations where customers incorrectly entered the value of item(s) in their shipment or the item declaration information requires a supporting document such as an invoice for proof of transaction. In these situations, the shipment status is changed to “exception” and the shipment is flagged and sent to our compliance department for review. At this point, the shipment will most certainly be delayed with no time frame given. To assist in expediting the process, a legitimate and undoctored invoice supplied by the vendor can be emailed to support the item’s declaration.

Once the shipment has been inspected and the review has been completed, the item is then ready to ship again. In these instances, the customer may have to pay to have it mailed again and the original mailing fee would not be refunded.

If it has been found that the invoices were doctored or otherwise purposely misrepresented, the item(s) will be confiscated, account suspended, and a $300 fee will be applied.

At CrossBorder Pickups, we rely on your help to ensure your shipments are properly accounted for and can get to their destination quick and hassle-free.