Exchanging items and paying duties

As your trusted shipping and receiving partner, CrossBorder Pickups aims to make your experience fast, easy and convenient. We deliver exactly what you request from us. However, sometimes you may not get the same level of reliability from the vendor that you’ve ordered the product from. The vendor may send you an item that is defective, damaged, or simply not what it states in the description. As a result, you may need to do an exchange or refund from time to time.

Picture this scenario, you come across a memorabilia store in the U.S. with an item that you’ve been searching high and low for. An authentic catcher’s mitt worn and signed by MLB hall of fame Yogi Berra! You order the item quick before someone else gets their hands on it. Once the order is ready, we’ll bring over your package from our U.S. facility. Your mantle is awaiting this one of a kind collector’s item as you get ready to finally open the package. You unwrap the package and, to your horror, instead of seeing that rare catcher’s mitt you ordered, they’ve instead sent you… an oven mitt. Although you may appreciate the baking talents of Anna Olson, whose signature adorns the outside of the mitt, this simply is not the item you requested. You now have to go through the process of returning the item to the vendor and have them correct their mistake. Although these situations are rare, they do happen.


But wait a minute, I paid duties on this item when it was imported, will I have to pay them again even though I am doing an exchange?


The good news is, you will ultimately not have to pay additional duties on the item if you are exchanging it. The process is as such:

Any applicable duties and taxes will be applied each time the item is imported. However, since you are doing an exchange and not technically receiving an additional item, you are able to claim one set of duties and taxes back. To do so, you will need to fill out a B2G form with all necessary information, attach the original import receipt or B3 form* and mail it to the address listed on the form.

If you are a business with an import number, you will fill out form B2 and include original import receipt or B3 form* to provide to the CBSA.

*You can request a B3 form from us as we are the original company the item was shipped by. A $10CAD fee may apply for each B3 form.

Although we cannot control the quality or accuracy of the item you purchased, CrossBorder Pickups makes it our mission to ensure that the shipping and receiving process is as convenient for you as possible.