When you are registered with us, you are provided with your own unit # at our warehouse (virtual address). You can use it to shop in the US. You do not need to notify us when you shop.

When we receive the package with your unit # and the correct name, we assign it to your account. We will send an email to let you know that the package was received. After receiving our package notification email, log in to your account. Go to Inbound – CBP


Click Information Required
If your individual purchase/item comes in multiple packages, please see ‘Additional Information’ at the end


Match the sender and tracking number,
so that you know what to declare


Put in or select to finish the required information. If Quantity is greater than 1, submit value per item. And hit Add Contents.


Now it shows up in ‘Review and Approve’ Section. Repeat until everything is listed. Remove/edit if necessary. Hit Approve. (To approve, it means you agree with the Duties and Tax. If you don’t agree, do NOT approve or proceed. Please contact Customer Service instead.)


Now the Action should say ‘Pending Order Creation’. The package will NOT be sent to Canada automatically UNTIL the order is created. To do so, select the shipments wished to import by check off the checkmark box. If three or more packages are selected, this order will enjoy consolidated rate. See our website for details.


Click the truck icon, near the top right of the table.


Follow the prompts, pay, then your order will be submitted to be transported. An email will be sent to you once available for pickup, or mailed to your address on profile with tracking.



Additional Information – What if my individual purchase/item comes in multiple packages? How to declare to avoid over-paying duty & tax?

Please confirm with your vendor the number of packages they are sending. Wait for all of them to arrive and show up in your account.

Select multiple ‘Information Required’ packages


Click ‘Link selected packages’. Only ‘Information Required’ packages can be linked. Do not enter in any declaration info before linking. If you already declared, please delete those contents before linking them.


The linked packages will now show as such. Follow the previous instruction to declare and create the order.


You may unlink them by hitting the Un-Link icon as long as the action still stays ‘Information Required’.