Success has never looked this easy

Why Choose CrossBorders Pickups?

Ship directly from Canada to any Amazon
fulfillment center in the U.S.

We specialize in Section 321

Shipping to the U.S. and back
Monday through Saturday

Amazon Preferred Carrier

Shipment limit of $800 USD per day, to each
FBA fulfillment center

We’ll hold up to 5 days worth of shipments

Competitor Services Comparison
(Delivery Service)

FBA shipments
(Amazon Preferred Carrier)

LTL & formal entries

Ship FDA goods
(with prior notice)

By weight rates
for our Delivery service

Cost Savings of FBA Shipments

(Amazon Preferred Carrier)
25 lbs (20″x20″x20″)DON’T
$8.99$ 5.0090%
45 lbs (36″x24″x24″)DON’T
$11.99$ 10.0020%


Weight (lb)< 11 – 4.995 – 9.9910 – 19.9920 – 29.9930 – 39.9940 – 49.9950 – 69.99
Rates (Rates are for a Box)$ 0.45$ 0.75$ 1.25$ 3.00$ 5.00$ 8.00$ 10.00$ 14.00
Weight (lb)Rates (Rates are for a Box)
< 1$ 0.45
1 – 4.99$ 0.75
5 – 9.99$ 1.25
10 – 19.99$ 3.00
20 – 29.99$ 5.00
30 – 39.99$ 8.00
40 – 49.99$ 10.00
50 – 69.99$ 14.00

Whether you’re shipping personal goods to selling on Amazon, we’ll deliver your parcel cross border to USPS, FedEx, and UPS Monday through Friday.

We also deliver USPS on Saturdays too.


Have a business and want to bring back your returns TAX and DUTY-FREE?

CrossBorder Pickups makes return process a breeze so you can focus on doing what you do best


Log in to your amazon.com seller account. Using the U.S. address provided by CrossBorder Pickups, including the Unit#, that will give you an access to heavily discounted courier rates.

Print your shipping labels and attach to your FBA shipments.

Drop off your packages at one of our locations Markham or Mississauga. We can also do a pick-up service for high volume shipments.


Voila! You’re done!
Success has never looked this easy.

Always quote your goods’ fair retail market value to avoid your shipment from being fined, rejected, or seized.

Attach a detailed invoice to the box’s exterior bearing the following information: a listing of the box’s contents (item, qty, a retail value in USD); total value in USD; shipper’s business name and address; recipient’s name and address.