Important Changes to our Fees Starting August 1, 2023

Dear valued client

Thank you for trusting to ship your packages across the border.

We take pride in offering our services at competitive rates and have kept our pricing consistent for over 5 years. Recently, changes in customer behaviour have increased some of our operating costs. After careful review and consideration, we are introducing some new fees effective August 1, 2023.


Order/Manifest Cancellation Fee

If an order or manifest is cancelled for any reason, a $25.00 fee will now apply for each cancellation.

Package Misdeclaration Fees

Cross Border Pickups takes Customs compliance seriously. We want your packages to move across the border smoothly and without penalties or delays. To ensure the integrity of our services, the terms and conditions of using our service require that you accurately declare what is in the packages you’re shipping across the border and to ensure that they don’t contain any prohibited items.

If the contents of a package are found to have been inaccurately declared, the order or manifest associated with that package will be immediately cancelled, and the Order/Manifest Cancellation fee noted above, will apply.

In addition, the following escalated fee structure will apply for any packages containing misdeclared items:

  • $5 per package for the first occurrence
  • $75 per package for the second occurrence
  • $150 per package for the third occurrence
  • $300 per package and account cancellation for the fourth occurrence

For a list of items that cannot be shipped across the border, click here.

To review the terms and conditions of our service, click here.



We thank you for trusting us with your packages and appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to bring you the best possible service.


The Cross Border Pickups Team