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Now you can shop at any online business located in the U.S. and CrossBorder Pickups will bring your packages across the American border for you. You can take full advantage of deals like U.S. Amazon Prime from Canada.

With your free U.S. address, you have access to all the complimentary shipping deals on purchases in the U.S. that you’ve been missing out on, websites that don’t sell or ship to Canada are no longer a problem. Avoid the lines at the border. We do the driving. We handle customs. We bring your package to you.

Save on expensive shipping and brokerage fees by using CrossBorder Pickups.

Our Rates

Cost Savings of U.S. to Canada Shipping

Conventional* CBP SAVINGS
Item Shipping fee Clearance fee Total
Shoes (3lbs) $34.25 $34.95 $69.20 $10.00 86%
Toy (2lbs) $32.34 $34.95 $67.29 $10.00 85%
Camera (4lbs) $35.70 $34.95 $70.65 $10.00 86%

*Estimated customs brokerage fees, and big carrier fees from NY State to Toronto. Shipping fees are converted from USD.

All imports are subjected to duties and taxes where applicable and are not included in our pricing fees.

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  • Sign up to receive your own FREE U.S. address.
  • Shop online at any U.S. retailer.
  • Ship the package to your FREE U.S. address.
  • You’ll be notified by email your package has arrived at our U.S. address. Once you approve we’ll ship it over.
  • CrossBorder Pickups takes care of the painful paperwork and clears it with Customs.
  • CrossBorder Pickups will front applicable duties and taxes on your behalf. Reimbursement will be added to your bill.
  • Once the package arrives at one of the CrossBorder Pickups locations, you will receive an email notification for pick up.
  • We can also deliver your package directly to you, across Canada.

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To find out more about our services and rates, please download our 2019 Brochure here. 

INBOUND Returns Services – Ideal for Businesses

Let us take some of the work off your plate. Your customers will benefit from your fast and easy returns process thanks to the help of CrossBorder Pickups. Our Return Management Service has assisted hundreds of Canadian businesses to bring back thousands of returns.

CrossBorder Pickups makes return processing a breeze so you can focus on doing what you do best. No more lengthy delays.

We handle all your returns that originally came from Canada, FAST and DUTY-FREE!

That’s where we come in with an affordable, hassle-free shipping solution made just for you!

Register your business with us and turn the returns process into one of the highlightings of your business.

Our Rates

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