Pest control items

At CrossBorder Pickups, we do our best to ensure our customers are fully educated on what items they can and cannot ship across the border. One topic that we have been questioned about frequently is that of pest control products.


When it comes to pest control products, the rules are quite clear. Any items/devices used for pest killing/trapping/repelling are prohibited from being shipped across the border. This includes clothing, leashes, and/or items that contain insect repellant such as sprays, candles, coils, etc. In addition, any chemicals, including but not limited to poisons, adhesives, and repellants are strictly prohibited from shipping across the border.

Failure to adhere to the prohibited items list can result in a fine, suspension of the account, and/or confiscation of item(s).

If a customer wishes to have the shipment sent elsewhere, they will be charged a processing fee, an admin fee, and postage fees. Expect delays in shipments for prohibited items. All payments will be received before releasing goods.