NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive, there may be other items that may be prohibited.

If you’re unsure then don’t risk it! Shipping prohibited items may lead to confiscation, fees, and penalties!

We are here to help you with your online shopping needs, however, there are some items we simply cannot assist you with bringing into Canada, due to additional requirements for import. Review this list often to avoid any issues.

Alcoholic Beverages

Baby Walkers

Does not refer to strollers, carriages, etc

All things paintball, and airsoft guns

Firearms, ammunition for firearms & explosives.  Gun, and/or firearm parts, antiques, holsters, cases, scope, and any firearms related accessories.

Growth Hormones, DHEA, CBD Extracts, Terpenes, Kratom, Nootropics

(Supplements, vitamins, etc are NOT considered growth hormones. Anything labelled “not for human consumption” or “for lab use only.” )

Live Plants, Some Plant Extracts like Kratom

(Wood chips made outside US are prohibited)

Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes, Smokeless Cigarettes, tobacco goods, or anything with nicotine

New or Used motor vehicles

Foods requiring refrigeration

Lottery tickets and gambling devices

Pornographic and/or obscene material

Items considered hazardous material or hazardous waste

Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odor of any kind

Money, Coins Cash

Personal Documents

(passports, IDs, Bank statements, etc)

Personal Items

Items that have no value. We only import retail goods with invoices.

Animals and Animal Products, usually refer to LIVE and/or dead organisms

(Does not refer to commodities for animals)

Human remains including ashes


(Includes Cannabis, Cannabis by-products, THC & CBD products)


Prescribed Medications, Children’s OTC Medications


(Breakable and/or fragile)

Animal Foods, Supplements, Treats, including flea/tick prevention

Fertilizer, herbicide, rodenticide, pesticide, plant growth regulators, anti-sprouting products, disinfectants, fungicides or insecticides

Dehydrated Emergency Food Kits

Chemicals or devices used to exterminate, repel, or trap any animals, insects or plants.