When delivering shipments across the border, shippers and carriers are required to provide the CBSA with clear, accurate information on the items being imported into Canada.


In our previous blog posts and newsletters, we have described what goes into getting your items to their final destination. All imports must be accurately declared and properly documented. In some cases, the CBSA may determine certain items or an invoice in a shipment is questionable or requires clarification. In most cases, this has to do with the item’s value. In these scenarios, the shipment may be required to be reassessed.


A reassessment is a re-evaluation of an item that is potentially misrepresented in value. Whether it be intentional or not, the item in question does not seem to be declared for appropriate value and a reassessment is required in order to determine a more accurate value of the item. The CBSA takes these steps in order to prevent and deter cases of misrepresentation or falsification of invoices.


When a reassessment is requested, the shipper/importer will be contacted and told of the additional information they need to provide in order to satisfy the conditions of the reassessment. Once the information is received, it is submitted through the proper channels and the shipment will be processed as usual. If a shipper/importer has been caught misrepresenting the value of their product or providing a falsified invoice, they may be subject to penalties such as admin fees, fines, and suspension of services.


CrossBorder Pickups asks that our clients provide accurate invoices and ensure they know the rules of shipping prior to dropping off their items at our retail locations. With your help, we can ensure your package will get to where it needs to go without delay. For further information on what is required in an invoice, please visit our previous blog article.