Requirements for invoices

As part of CrossBorder Pickups’ commitment to our customers, we want to ensure they are well informed of all the requirements needed to get their packages across the border efficiently and without interruption. This includes being familiar with the requirements for invoices.

An invoice is a document required to show the proof of purchase. Customs requires a detailed invoice as part of the shipping process for any items that cross the border. CrossBorder Pickups provides the invoice to customs on your behalf when we take your item across the border.

In order for an invoice to be valid, it has to include the following details:

– Vendor information

– Recipient information

– Date of purchase

– Item description

– Item quantity

– Item value

The document must be clear and legible. Please note that screenshots and PayPal transaction documents are not acceptable forms of invoices.

Invoices are required as proof of purchase and to show fair market value. Fair market value must be declared regardless of whether the item itself was paid for, awarded as part of a contest, or given as a promotional item. This applies to prizes, bonus items, gifts, etc. There has to be a value documented for the item if you intend to have it cross the border.

The consequences of undervaluing or forging a false invoice are severe and may include a $300 CAD fine, suspension of the account and/or confiscation of the item.

In order to avoid any issues with your items, always make sure your invoices are accurate, complete and legible. CrossBorder Pickups is proud to be your trusted shipping partner!