Tips to get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping!

Start “SCREEN” Shopping! This is the best time to start Christmas shopping, get that out of the way so you have more time to enjoy the holiday festivities while saving a few bucks!

How to know where the deals are? Sign up for emails at your favorite online stores – retailers will let you know what deals/saving they are offering a few days before and sometimes at the last minute!

To get a head start, add things to your shopping cart days before, however, beware as there are some sites that will empty your cart when you return, so write them down or screen shot whats in your cart just in case!

Sales generally will start right at midnight so have your credit card ready before the goods are gone!

Retailers will offer at least 10% off but usually much more, or for specific categories only and sometimes there is a time limit. Also look out for coupon / discount codes!

Which day has better deals? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? – Some sites offer better deals one or the other, so you never know!

Once your packages come in be sure to chose consolidation to save on package fees, just make sure all your packages arrive before bringing them over if you can wait!

Happy Shopping! Happy Savings!