Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be difficult. Often times we push it off until the last minute and end up going with the cliche flowers and chocolate to an underwhelming reaction. This year, avoid the stress with these TOP 5 ideas for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for her.

Bath bombs

When you think of a bubble bath, you may picture a colourful bottle in the shape of a bear or some other cute animal with a name like Mr. Bubbles. That’s not quite what we mean. This bubble bath is catered more to adults. A bath bomb is a ball made of bubble bath solution which dissolves when put in water to a very nice effect. They come in many different shapes and scents to give your bath the ambiance you are looking to achieve. From romantic ones that disperse rose petals in your bath to fruity ones in the shape of a pear or berries. The perfect thing to set the mood for the special lady in your life.



Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of pajamas? Whether you’re getting ready for bed or just lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday, pajamas are the perfect outfit for those times when you just don’t want to leave home. So when your partner is sitting on the couch in her PJ’s with a warm cup of hot chocolate and blanket, she’ll be glad you gave her the gift of comfort this Valentine’s Day.


Instant Camera

This product is great for those who feel nostalgic for the days when cameras were stand-alone devices and every picture we took would be developed into a physical photograph we could place in an album or on our wall. What’s old is new again. This throwback camera allows you to take pictures and have them developed in front of you in seconds just like the Polaroid cameras of yesteryear. The precious moments you capture together won’t just be confined to a digital cloud anymore.



Aromatherapy diffuser

These are great for meditation or just setting a mood at home. Different scents are available based on what you know your partner likes. Some even work as a humidifier and add humidity to a room that might be too dry. Help her unwind and relax when she comes home with a familiar scent.



When it comes to Valentine’s day gift, you may think chocolate is to cliche. But not if you make it special. Get them chocolate that you can’t get here. Like a $100,000 bar or a vanilla Mars bar, which are exclusive to the U.S., it will melt her heart to know the effort you went to in finding them.


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Act now and ensure your perfect gift arrives in time for Valentine’s day.

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