Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Struggling with gift ideas for your special somebody? If your husband/boyfriend is particularly hard to shop for, this can make things frustrating around this time of year. The last thing you want to do is settle for something easy and have him be underwhelmed. This year, avoid the stress with these TOP 5 ideas for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him.

Video Games

OK, this may not sound very romantic to start but keep reading. In today’s day and age, video games are more popular than ever. And it’s not just a guy thing anymore. As of 2018, females account for 45% of the gamer population. If your partner has an interest in video games, finding the right game may be the perfect activity to enjoy together. From action to adventure, to puzzle solving and fantasy, there is a game for everyone.




Wireless speaker

If you and your partner love to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks together, your cell phone speakers may not be the most convenient way to enjoy them. After all, nothing ruins the song you are listening to together quite like your phone’s low battery notification. Avoid that mood-killer with a wireless speaker this Valentine’s day. Many speakers are water resistant as well so you can enjoy nice spa music as you soak in your romantic bath together or give your morning shower a boost of energy with some upbeat tunes to get the day started right.


Streaming device

Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku stick, take your pick! As more and more people are “cutting the cord” with their cable tv provider, these devices are becoming ever more popular. And why wouldn’t they be when you consider all the things they can do. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you both can enjoy all the media you need from the comfort of home using one convenient device. Watch all the romantic movies Netflix has to offer, sift through hours of couples’ vacation vlogs on Youtube, or stream “your song” together with the help of a device no larger than your palm.



Wearable fitness tracker

Valentine’s day is synonymous with sweets. After he has indulged (perhaps a little too much) in the sugary offerings inside the heart-shaped box, he may be looking to shed some of the pounds that have been put on as a result. Fitness trackers are great at keeping you on top of your fitness goals. They offer built-in programs, calorie counters, heart rate monitors and more. You can even sync them together so you and your partner have added motivation and can reach your fitness goals together.



Now before you say that a mug is too predictable, keep in mind that I am not just talking about any ordinary mug. I am talking about a mug with some sentimental value. You can find mugs in the shape of your partner’s favourite tv or movie character. Whether that’s Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, or even Cookie Monster! Or you can get a customized mug with a saying that is sentimental to you. This way, your loved one will think of you every time he goes for his morning coffee.



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