At CROSS BORDER PICKUPS, we’re always working tirelessly to find ways to better serve you. We would like to announce that we are updating our pricing structure for the USA to CANADA service to make it simpler to use and understand.

Here is a quick summary of the changes

  • Simpler Package Sizes –  Based on weight only (no more dimensions).
  • Update to Prices – Package rates will change (including some savings).
  • Consolidation Criteria – Discounts will start from 3 packages.
  • Simpler Mail to Home Pricing – Based on your Postal Code instead of Province.
  • Adhoc Services –  Clearly defining the charges for Optional and Special Services.
  • Storage Fees Pricing – effective for ALL packages (existing and new) starting on the 19th of November.

We believe these changes better reflect the growing needs of our customers, and help us provide continued excellent service.

These prices will go into effect for all packages received on or after November 19th.  READ DETAILS HERE

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