What to do When Your Favourite Store Closes its Doors

Have you had any of your favourite, go-store stores close their doors in recent years? Yeah, us too. Maybe your neighbourhood mall is more of a ghost town than a bustling, exciting center of commerce. Let’s face it, the way we shop has changed forever.

Online shopping isn’t new, with digital giants like eBay and Amazon – and this might surprise you – at it for over 20 years now. Now the vast majority of retailers want their chunk of the online shopping pie. Who can blame them?

The more people shop online, the less likely they are to hop in their car and drive to a mall.

Some companies have failed to adapt, or simply waited too long to try, and they have gone belly up. But the stores who heeded the warning signs, and grew present and nimble online, they are likely thriving.

Some of our favourites that are doing online shopping right include:

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