Will we see another $9 Billion in Halloween Sales this Year?

Last year the US reported a record $9.1 billion in Halloween spending, and sales are expected to be strong this year as well. With the first big Holiday of the final quarter rush only 57 days away (as of this post), there’s little time left for small businesses to place their Amazon orders well-ahead of October, so their online stores are ready.

Remember: More than a third of Halloween shoppers start in September.

Nearly three-quarters of those participating in a National Retail Federation survey celebrate Halloween. The appeal of Halloween varies widely from person to person. For older generations, it brings back fond memories that they want to re-create for the kids in the neighbourhood by handing out candy.

For parents it’s a joy to see the anticipation and excitement, while picking out costumes with their kids or planning spooky-themed parties for friends. Candy and decoration sales were estimated at $5.4 billion last year.

With $3.4 billion in last year’s sales dedicated to costumes, it is the largest component to Halloween spending. So, what’s going to be the costume most seen walking around this year? According to bestproducts.com, Black Panther and Wonder Woman are numbers 1 and 2, with Michael Myers, Eleven from Stranger Things and Rick from Rick and Morty in the top 5.

Temperature may not be falling just yet, and most leaves are still firmly fixed, but the time is now to finalize inventory for possibly another record in Halloween spending that starts earlier and earlier each year.

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